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Awards received by our students and the College of Central London

Jennifer Warnett -  Highest marks in IPD (manufacting) 2005.

Tomas Lipinski - Highest marks in IITM 2005

Bouramia Zida - Top CIT student 2006

Eva Quasam - Highest marks in FIB 2006

Muhammad Anwar Khan -  the top graduate student for 2006.

The above were all invited to attend the Institute of Exports Graduation and Prize Giving Event on 09 November 2006 where they will be presented with their prizes .

Marie Page: TAYLOR NELSON AGB AWARD for an outstanding result in research and behavioural studies. Ms Page completed a communications studies (CAM) course at the college.

Elizabeth Barham: TOP CAM STUDENT for outstanding results in CAM certificate examinations.

Tina Engstrom: GOLD FIRST WORLD MEDALLION for an outstanding result in LCCI second level for English business examination.


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